Ambleside Sports

Thursday, 27th July 2023

Ambleside Sports saw the Under 12 years class have the day’s biggest entry with nineteen wrestlers. Bobby Stewart yet again proved unstoppable.

Grace Hodgson won the Girls Under 15 years, George Peacock and Alfie Spedding bossed the Under 15 years and Under 18 years respectively.

Elizabeth Wilson had a magnificent day with wins in both the Ladies 10½ stones and Open classes.

The 13 stones World Championship had a thin entry but the action made up for it. In the first round Matthew Lamont despatched Myles Stainton, Jack Brown battled hard to victory against lively Ben Brocklebank and Richard Fox buttocked to beat Thomas Moffat. Thomas Wilson had a bye to the semi final where Matthew Lamont took control of him to reach the final. The other semi final saw a barrage of chips from Jack Brown and Richard Fox with Jack succeeding. In the final, Matthew attacked with an inside hipe but as the wrestlers  fell to the ground simultaneously, a dog fall was declared. Jack then struck with a right leg back heel to claim the first fall. An all action bout ensued with Jack attempting to hipe, outside stroke and back heel. Matthew then tried to hipe and Jack followed suit. Matthew went for the cross buttock but Jack stepped out of it and twisted Matthew down to win by a short margin. The cup returned to Jack’s mantelpiece for the fourth time!

It was all Brocklebanks next with 14 stones; 1st Graham, 2nd Ben, followed by All weights; 1st Thomas, 2nd Ben, 3rd Graham. The date marked the seventh anniversary of the death of their father Harry Brocklebank, who would have been so proud of his sons.

Before the close of the wrestling, CWWA President, Chris Bland awarded the Guinness Trophy for the best performance to John-Lukas Stainton who had an astounding day with two firsts, a third and a fourth. 


Event First Second Third Fourth
Under 12 yrs Bobby Stewart Ollie Stainton Ben Hallatsch John-Lukas Stainton
Boys 8 stone John-Lukas Stainton Owen Gibson Ted Iveson Joshua Hallatsch
Girls Under 15 yrs Grace Hodgson Lottie Nelson Ellie-Ann Stainton Quin Mackay
Boys Under 15 yrs George Peacock George Younger John-Lukas Stainton Zac Curnow
Boys Under 18yrs Alfie Spedding Thomas Wilson Myles Stainton George Younger
Ladies 10.5 Stone Elizabeth Wilson Quin Mackay Grace Hodgson Ellie-Ann Stainton
Ladies All Weights Elizabeth Wilson Lottie Nelson Abbie Nelson Ellie-Ann Stainton
11.5 stone John-Lukas Stainton Owen Gibson Leon Roy Ollie Stainton
13 stone WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP Jack Brown Matthew Lamont Richard Fox Thomas Wilson
14 stone Graham Brocklebank Ben Brocklebank Jack Brown Richard Fox
All Weights Thomas Brocklebank Ben Brocklebank Graham Brocklebank Alfie Spedding
Junior Costume Elizabeth Wilson Bobby Stewart Abbie Nelson
Senior Costume Ben Brocklebank Matthew Lamont
Best Overall Costume Ben Brocklebank
Guiness Trophy John-Lukas Stainton