Appleby Show

Thursday, 10th August 2023

Charlie the Champion of the World

By Robert Wharton

It was an action packed few days of wrestling last week with four events packed in; Appley show,
Dalston show, Slaley show and finally Forestburngate on the Sunday.

The highlight was the Under 15 years/under 8 stone championship. This is a relatively new
championship and gives the younger lighter wrestlers a chance in the spotlight. As youngsters grow
so fast, we tend to see different winners every year.

However, the holder, Charlie Armstrong from Longtown, carefully slimmed his growing frame down
to the limit in order to defend his title. The entry was swelled by extra wrestlers coming along from
the Wednesday night taster sessions. In particular, Ollie Grainger showed up well getting to the

Charlie and John-Lucas Stainton navigated their way through the draw and met in the final. As much
as John-Lucas wriggled and get away from Charlie he couldn’t escape a back heel and outside stroke
and Charlie won the title.

Elsewhere on the results sheets Bobby Stewart continued to collect wins with 5 firsts over the 4
days. Abbie Nelson had hard tussles with Grace Hodgson and gained two wins at Appleby but Grace
made up for that with four wins at Dalston and Slaley. Other multiple wins were gained by the
stylish Graham Brocklebank, George Peacock in commanding form and the smart Josh Threlfall at

At Slaley Craig Ridley and Mark Wharton, both junior champions, showed they still had class with

hard fought bouts in the 14 stone and AW classes. It took 7 falls to split them with Craig taking both
wins with his trademark hanks and twists.

Final mention goes to Thomas Moffat who came through a strong class at Dalston to take the under
18’s and the best performance.

The wrestling season is into its busy period and all wrestlers will be gearing up and have an eye on
Grasmere Sports on the 27 August, the pinnacle of the grass season.

Prizes to 3rd place with the exception of the Championship which is placed to 4th place


Event First Second Third Fourth
Under 10 years Cameron Straughton IsaacStainton Sophie Armstrong
Under 12 years Bobby Stewart Ollie Stainton Oliver Granger
Under 15yrs/8st Championship Charlie Armstrong John-Lukas Stainton Thomas Armstrong Oliver Granger
Under 18 years Myles Stainton Charlie Armstrong George Peacock
Girls Under 17 years Abbie Nelson Grace Hodgson Ellie-Ann Stainton
Ladies All Weights Abbie Nelson Grace Hodgson Lottie Nelson
11.5 stone Jake Biles Charlie Armstrong Tom Armstrong
14 stone Graham Brocklebank Myles Stainton Jake Biles
All Weights Graham Brocklebank Myles Stainton George Peacock