Carlisle Wrestling Club Open Night

Saturday, 12th March 2022

Competitive Wrestling Returns

Covid-19 put a stop to competitive wrestling soon after Carlisle Club’s Open Night on 8th February 2020. Two grass seasons were completely void of action and the Club’s 50th Anniversary had passed by without being acknowledged. Nevertheless, Saturday night at Low Hesket Village Hall saw the welcome return of Cumberland and Westmorland wrestling - and what a night it was. 

Old faces appeared - and a good few new ones, friends caught up with each other, over a hundred pie and pea suppers were demolished and sixteen classes of wrestling gave great entertainment. The quality of wrestling was a joy to behold. 

The 6st class was won by John-Lukas Stainton from Dent, beating Izzy Story in a well contested final. Charlie Armstrong won both the 8½st and 10st classes with flair and determination and was presented with an engraved tankard for the U18 Best Performance by Carlisle Club President, Paul Gibson. 

Lively new recruit Sam Pollock from Wreay proudly sported his U8yrs gold medal, which almost reached his knees. Bobby Stewart dominated the U10yrs and U12yrs classes, only 9 years of age but a force to be reckoned with. 

Myles Stainton, elder brother of John-Lukas was skilled enough to win both of the U15yrs classes against strong opposition but there were notable individual performances from Harvey Murray, Thomas Moffat, Daniel Coates and George Peacock.

John Gibson shone in the U18yrs and U21yrs classes, winning both with gusto. Stalwarts Andrew Carlile and John Harrington proved that a break from the sport had done them no harm and provided an exciting 12st final. Andrew took first prize but it was John’s turn in the 14st class. 

Rosie Hodgson, who must have grown a foot in height, did exceptionally well to beat Shannon Dalgleish in the U18yrs, then Abi Marston in the Ladies class. 

Thomas Gibson who has trimmed his weight considerably showed his skill and strength in the 16st and All weights classes, claiming wins in both. 

U18yrs Best performances went to the spirited Izzy Story; flinging boys right, left and centre and Charlie Armstrong; wrestling like a man. Ladies Best Performance was an easy judge for Tom Harrington, Rosie Hodgson having dominated both U18yrs and Ladies classes. Mens Best Performance went to Matty Hodgson, beating his coach Andrew Carlile and gaining 4 placings. 

Best Fall of the night was not an easy decision for Alan Jones. John Harrington had played a brilliant hank, Andrew Carlile had a fantastic swing on Charlie Carlyle but it was Ryan Armstrong’s swinging inside click that won the day. 

Shows and Sports are confirming their dates slowly but surely, championship applications are trickling in and wrestlers and supporters are chomping at the bit for grass season action. 


NB: Prizes awarded to third place.

(No classes are eligible for Victor/Victrix Ludorum trophies)


Event First Second Third Fourth
6st John-Lukas Stainton Izzy Story Owen Gibson
8 1/2st Charlie Armstrong Abbie Whiteford Matthew Story
10st Charlie Armstrong Owen Marrs Matthew Story
U8yrs Sam Pollock Kitty Harrington Hudson Pattinson
U10yrs Bobby Stewart Mikey Dalgleish Joey Wall
U12yrs Bobby Stewart Abbie Whiteford Izzy Story
U15yrs Myles Stainton Harvey Murray Daniel Coates
U15yrs/13st Myles Stainton Thomas Moffat George Peacock
U18yrs John Gibson Matty Hodgson Myles Stainton
Girls U18yrs Rosie Hodgson Abbie Whiteford Shannon Dalgleish
U21yrs John Gibson Ryan Armstrong Matty Hodgson
12st Andrew Carlile John Harrington
14st John Harrington Matty Hodgson Andrew Carlile
16st Thomas Gibson John Harrington Matty Hodgson
Ladies Rosie Hodgson Abi Marston Shannon Dalgleish
AW Thomas Gibson Jack Ewart Ryan Armstrong
Best Fall - Ryan Armstrong
Best Under 18yrs Performance - Charlie Armstrong
Best Male Performance - Matty Hodgson
Best Girls U18yrs Performance - Izzy Story
Best Ladies Performance - Rosie Hodgson