Cockermouth Show

Saturday, 30th July 2022

A Trio of Championships

The wrestling season is now into the height of the Grass season. We were treated to three events over three days with Championships to compete for at each one, Ambleside Sports, Langholm Common Riding & Cockermouth Show. Commentators were tasked with Icelandic pronunciation as we saw a wonderful number of Iceland competitors travelling  2500-miles  to complete and ply their trade against our home grown talent. There were 165 wrestlers over the three days. 

Day one began at the Ambleside Sports of which the Ladies All weight Championship was on offer. This was closely contested for with a great turnout of Hodgsons and the best of Icelandic ladies. There were many good bouts, with Connie Hodgson - the defending champion in the Final against Heidrún Fjóla Pálisdóttir. This was closely contested with Connie taking the first fall. Heidrún, slightly stronger, composed herself and took the next two falls, rushing Connie forward when being turned in to take the Championship.

Wrestling throughout this day was very well composed with some outstanding lightweight bouts, in which Matty Hodgson at 17 years of age plying his talent against senior men. Matty collected the Guinness Trophy with his clean skill and clinical hyping.

Day two was Langholm Common Riding which has a great tradition of drawing the best wrestlers out due to its history and huge crowds. This was the day the big boys came out to play with the  much anticipated Mens All weight Championship. A full schedule of ages and weights once again wrestled pre the championship. A young man who seems unstoppable and needs a mention is the talented Bobby Stewart who won his respectful age category again following on from Ambleside with a twist over the knee and an impressive outside hype. 

Soon the championship draw was on the table with 18 of the worlds best all in Langholm. The current holder Gudmundur Stefán Gunnarsson, some three years older had travelled from Iceland hoping to retain the trophy. This was not the case as he was defeated in an early round. This year it was obvious that strength, agility and speed was going to prevail. Both David Barnes and Thomas Gibson with hanks and hypes despatched opponents along the way to the final. This was a great match with similar physique. A closely contested final with David taking the first fall with his trade mark hank. The second went quite similar but Thomas managed to hold firm with his strength with both wrestlers touching down together and a dog fall given. Thomas Gibson gathering all his guile and composure took the next two falls to becomes a very young and worthy All weight Champion. 

Cockermouth Agricultural show held the third event of the weekend with the mens 11st Championship. Once again an outstanding  turnout of 72 Wrestlers attended the show. With the junior wrestling very entertaining. The 11st Championship swiftly got under way with the final being two stalwarts of the sport. Andrew Carlile and John Harrington. This pair  have met so often its is like Federer and Nadal of the tennis world! They know each others moves. Closely contested, John took the first fall with a well-executed right leg hank. Andrew came back to level things up with a swinging hipe. The final fall was like playing guess with john taking his man with a vintage inside click. The champion, John Harrington, gets his name engraved on the trophy for the third time.   With three championships to report on, many other bouts could be mentioned, rest assured the standard was excellent and the application shown by the Icelandic wrestlers was outstanding. Small mention should be acknowledged to Alfie Spedding whom injured himself at Ambleside Sports. We hope a speedy recovery is met, because he is a great talent the ring needs.

Prizes to third place with the exception of the Championship which was to fourth place


Event First Second Third Fourth
Under 10 years Ellena Peacock Ollie Stainton Zac Robertson
Under 12 years Bobby Stewart Owen Gibson Ollie Stainton
Under 15 years Daniel Coates Thomas Moffat George Peacock
Under 18 years Thomas Wilson Daniel Coates Hakon Gunnerson
Girls Under 17 years Elizabeth Wilson Elin Gudjonsdottir Ellie-Ann Stainton
Ladies All Weights Heidrun Palsdottir Kristin Gudjonsdottir Elin Gudjonsdottir
11 stone World Championship John Harrington Andrew Carlile Michael Kirkham Jack Threlfall
13 stone Andrew Carlile John Harrington Gnyr Eliasson
All Weights Thomas Gibson Einar Eyborsson Jack Ewart