Egremont Crab Fair

Saturday, 16th September 2023

As the wintry weather kicks in the wrestling summer season enters it “back end” events.
Westmorland show is always well attended and supported, and Egremont Crab fair is a traditional
venue in the calendar with the special Guiness trophy on offer and this year it hosted the Ladies 10
stone World Championship.

There were 4 entries in the Championship but contained some class. Elizabeth Wilson came out
victor but had to defeat not only her opponents but also the scales where a run round the field
removed the half a pound or two.

In the semi-final Elizabeth got the better of Elena Peacock and in the final met her well matched
friend, Ellie-Ann Stainton. Ellie-Ann had defeated Jess Johnstone of Halifax in the semi who was
wrestling for the first time. In the final, Elizabeth took the first fall with a leg up buttock. Ellie-Ann
equalised when she twisted Elizabeth off an attempted back heel. Elizabeth took the winning fall
with a back heel to capture her first championship.

The rest of the card at Egremont seen George Peacock win the under 15’s with his usual trademark
hipes and take the best junior performance. In the men’s categories it was the John Harrington
show. John picked up the 11.5st and 13st classes where he was favourite but into the All weights he
would have to work a bit harder. His class and guile seen him overcome Alfie Spedding and Ben
Harrison. John deservedly took home the prestigious Guiness best performance trophy.

At Westmorland 12 categories seen wrestling serve up real entertainment to a packed ringside for
over three hours. There were lots to comment on but special mention to Rosie Hodgson for her
double win including a victory over sister, Connie. John Lucas Stainton didn’t win but with his usual
flair and determination he caught the eye of the best performance judge and won the special show
award. Robbie Pigg and Jack Pritt are two young lightweight wrestlers who have impressed this
season, and both gained wins. The All weights seen local Sam Wilkinson gain a deserved win.

Always thereabouts in these classes Sam showed up well recently at Grasmere but at Westmorland
he had his moment in the spotlight, much to the delight of his young family!

Prizes awarded to third place with the exception of championship which is to fourth place


Event First Second Third Fourth
Under 10 years Jack Norman Albert Hague Isaac Stainton
Under 12 years Ollie Stainton Ellena Peacock Ted Harrington
Under 15 years George Peacock Matty Derbyshire Elliot Casson
Under 18 years Alfie Spedding Myles Stainton George Peacock
Ladies 10 st Worls Championship Elizabeth Wilson Ellie-Ann Stainton Jess Johnston Ellena Peacock
Ladies All Weights Elizabeth Wilson Kelsey Cordukes Ellie-Ann Stainton
11.5 Stone John Harrington Nathan Ousby
13 stone John Harrington Myles Stainton Nathan Ousby
All Weights John Harrington Alfie Spedding Ben Harrison
Guiness Trophy John Harrington
Best Junior Performance George Peacock