Gosforth Show

Saturday, 19th August 2023

Gosforth Show on Saturday had a great turnout of wrestlers in the under 10 years and Under 12 years which built up the excitement ready for the highlight of the Under 15 years World Championship. All academies were represented with a total of thirteen wrestlers turning out to compete. In the first round, Younger brothers; George & Edward along with Pitts brothers; Jake & Sam went through to the next round. Josh Lowery and George Peacock were also successful. The semi final saw George Younger meet George Peacock, a tough battle ensued and it was George Peacock who reached the final. The other part of the semi final saw Jake Pitts eliminate Edward Younger. In the final, George cleanly outside hiped Jake to take the first fall. The second bout saw Jake put the hank in but George twisted him off it to take the winning fall and become the new U15 years World Champion. 

(Prizes awarded to third place, with the exception of the Championship which is to fourth place)


Event First Second Third Fourth
Under 9 years Isaac Stainton Lewis Robertson Iassc Fielding
Under 11 years Ollie Stainton Henry Fielding Jack Hodgson
Boys Under 15 yrs World Championship George Peacock Jake Pitts George Younger Edward Younger
Boys Under 18 years Alfie SPedding George Peacock Rory Dreghorn
Girls Under 15 years Ellie-Ann Stainton Grace Hodgson Jessica Whiteford
Ladies All Weights Grace Hodgson Ellie-Ann Stainton Sophie Price
7 stones John-Lukas Stainton Isaac Stainton Henry Fielding
10.5 stones Jack Whiteford Jospeh Edmondson Rory Dreghorn
13 stones John Harrington Alex Farley George Peacock
All Weights John Harrington Gary Masey Craig Naylor