Grasmere Sports

Sunday, 27th August 2023

Three Champions crowned over three days.

By Robert Wharton

A busy schedule of wrestling over the Bank holiday weekend seen three world championships up for grabs, Grasmere Sports, our “Olympics”, as well and an invasion of Scots, Icelanders and Breton wrestlers.

The first championship on offer was the 10.5 stone championship and this seen Andrew Carlile defend his title against a strong field. In the final Andrew’s hipes got the better of Esteban Morel but Esteban gained revenge at Grasmere with the 11 stone win.

The Championship win takes Andrew’s title count to 28 championship wins and 14 of them in the 10.5 stone class. Fantastic achievement and longevity in the sport.

On Bank Holiday Monday it was Keswick Show’s turn to host the Ladies All Weights. It was the, returning from injury, Connie Hodgson who came out the victor. A tough second round bout with sister, Rosie, was a test before getting to the final where she felled Kristin Embla Gudjonsdottir to regain the title she last won in 2019. Connie has now won the championship 5 times. 

The rest of the card at Keswick was excellent with John Harrington, in top form over weekend, winning the Guiness trophy.

Onto Grasmere Sports on Sunday and many said it was the best days wrestling they have seen in a long while. Plenty of entries, spectacular falls, atmosphere and the rain stayed away. Before reporting on the Men’s AW championship mention must be given to Jack Brown’s double win, Bobby Stewart’s win and best junior performance, Jack Pritt’s flare and skill and three wins from the Icelanders and Bretons. Thomas Gibson has already had a great season, but he capped it off with regaining his Heavyweight title against a strong field. A full buttock on Thomas Brocklebank the highlight of his falls. In the other half of the draw mention must be given to evergreen Stuart Fleming who was only stopped by Jack Ewart in the semi. A deserved appearance in the final for Jack but against his mate and fellow
Carlisle coach, Thomas he couldn’t just find the win.


Event First Second Third Fourth
Under 10 years Zac Robertson Jack Pedley Isaac Batty Cameron Straughton
Under 12 years Bobby Stewart John-Lukas Stainton Edward Batty Ellena Peacock
Under 15 years/8stone Charlie Armstrong John-Lukas Stainton Edward Batty Barney Peel
Under 15 years - Boys Porarinn Porarinsonn George Younger Bobby Stewart Mikael Hall Valdimarsson
Under 18 years/11 stone - Boys Jack Pritt Jake Pitts Charlie Armstrong Mikael Hall Valdimarsson
Under 18 years - Boys Thomas Wilson Myles Stainton Jack Pritt Osker Freye Sigurosson
Under 15 years - Girls Grace Hodgson Lottie Nelson Ellie-Ann Stainton Keiva Sherlock
Under 18 years - Girls Rosie Hodgson Johanna Vigdis Palmadottir Elizabeth Wilson Ellie-Ann Stainton
Ladies 10 stone Anaelle Le Piolet Ellie Ann Stainton Aziliz Rollands Quinn Mackie
Under 21 years - Men Matty Hodgson Matthew Lamont Porour Pall Olafsson Myles Stainton
11 stone Esteban Morel Andrew Carlile Jack Pritt Sean Bardsley
12 stone Jack Brown John Harrington Helouri Coail Paul Le Person
13 stone Jack Brown Hugo Chonavel Richard Fox Helouri Coail
14 stone Graham Brocklebank Ben Brocklebank Matthew Lamont Jack Brown
Ladies All Weights Rosie Hodgson Anaelle Le Piolet Kristin Embla Guojonsdottir Kelsey Cordukes
Mens All Weights World Championship Thomas Gibson Jack Ewart Thomas Brocklebank Stuart Fleming
Male Costume Richard Fox Bobby Stewart Rufus Scholefield
Female Costume Elizabeth Wilson Ellena Peacock Pauline Sellin
Most Meritorious Junior Competitor Bobby Stewart
Best Local Wrestler (Junior) Oliver Iveson
Most Meritorious Competitor in Female Wrestling Rosie Hodgson
Best Overall Wrestler - Guinness Trophy Thomas Gibson