Langholm Show

Saturday, 23rd September 2023

Amongst the entries at Langholm Show it was encouraging to see six wrestlers that have been attending Carlisle Wrestling Club’s Taster sessions over the last 8 weeks. For two of them; siblings Noah and Tilda Smith, it was just a short journey from their Canonbie home. 

The under 10 years class provided some exciting wrestling with both boys and girls showing their skills and determination. The final went all the way with Jack Norman of Broomhills and Frankie Davidson of Laversdale both full of attack. Jack was the eventual winner. 

As ever this season, in the under 12 years class, no one could match the class of Bobby Stewart. With only three events remaining, will Bobby romp home undefeated for the second year succession?

The Girls under 12 years was won by Ellena Peacock of Low Hesket. Tilda Smith proved quite a handful but Ellena drew on her skills learnt at Carlisle Wrestling Club to win the day. Brother, George Peacock, bossed the Under 15 years but had to take second place to Thomas Moffat in the Under 18 years. 

Rosie Hodgson flaunted her status in the pecking order; taking first place in the Ladies final against her niece Grace. 

Both the 12.5st and All weights were won by John Harrington with grace and flair, making it look so easy! 

Tomorrow, at Eskdale Show the wrestling highlight will be the ‘Under 10 years Championship’ and judging by the standard of the under 10s’ wrestling over the grass season, we should be in for a treat. The championship was only introduced last year at Grasmere Sports using a cup resurrected from the George Steadman collection. Current title holder, Ollie Stainton of Ainstable turned 10 years old in April so it will be a new name on the cup for 2023. Contenders may have two or three years experience, some will be relative newcomers - perhaps born of the Carlisle Wrestling Club taster sessions and who knows, we may even have some first timers! Make your way to the traditional Lakeland show set against the spectacular backdrop of the Eskdale fells. You can expect to see the best of Herdwick sheep, an array of hand crafted shepherd’s crooks, five hound trails and a great afternoon of wrestling. 

**Does not count towards Victor/Victrix Ludorum points


Event First Second Third Fourth
Under 10 years Jack Norman Frankie Davidson Sophie Armstrong
Under 12 years Bobby Stewart Ellena Peacock Jack Norman
**Girls Under 12 years Ellena Peacock Tilda Smith Hannah Timperon
Under 15 years George Peacock Bobby Stewart Charlie Armstrong
Under 18 years Thomas Moffat George Peacock Tom Armstrong
Ladies All Weights Rosie Hodgson Grace Hodgson Ellena Peacock
12.5 stone John Harrington Mike Norman Thomas Moffat
All Weights John Harrington Ted Hodgson Mike Norman