Millom & Broughton

Saturday, 26th August 2023

Full results and report to follow


Event First Second Third Fourth
Under 10 years Evie Kirkbride Max Waring Emily Benn
Under 12 years Noah Highfield Olivia Harriman Isaac Craighill Lydia Lowery
Under 15 years Local Mark Fawcett Jake Pitts Adam Fox Sam Pitts
Under 16 years Tom Dennison Rory Dreghorn Jake Pitts
Under 18 years Thomas Wilson Callum Nichol Rory Dreghorn
Girls Under 17 years Elizabeth Wilson Devon Southward Darcy Southward
Ladies All Weights Elizabeth Wilson Kelsey Cordukes Darcy Southward
10.5 Stone World Championship Andrew Carlile Esteban Morel Michael Kirkham Jake Pitts
12 stone Andrew Carlile Michael Kirkham Tom Dennison
All Weights William Hayhurst Thomas Wilson Andrew Carlile
Best Performance - Jake Pitts