Penrith Show

Saturday, 16th July 2022

What a day for the return of wrestling, three years down the line at Penrith Show. A great crowd, glorious weather and a score of young ones keen to get going. 

The Under 10 years saw game little wrestlers giving it everything. In particular, Ellena Peacock. She was like a little terrier, making it to the semi final where she met the slightly bigger Mikey Dalgleish. With a back heel and a twist it was Mikey however, who went on to the final to meet the lively Ollie Stainton. Two straight falls from Ollie made him the proud winner. 

Abbie Whiteford beat newcomer Jack Holmes from Kendal Academy in a competitive final. Abbie’s speed and skill outdoing brute force. 

Bobby Stewart continued his unbeaten record in Under 12 years beating Abbie in the final. Harvey Murray’s power was just too much for Jack Gibson in the final of the Under 15 years. 

Grace Hodgson won a great final with Abbie Whiteford in Girls Under 15 years. 

In the Under 18 years Alfie Spedding felled Matty Hodgson in a very close final. 

The Ladies 10st Championship was won by the ever smiling Connie Hodgson from Dent. Trimming down to make the weight she met Shannon Dalgleish from Roadhead in the final. Connie’s niece, Grace Hodgson took third place. 

Matty Hodgson was victorious in the Under 21 years, beating Mark Wharton in an all action final. 

The 11.5st and 13st classes were won by class act - John Harrington. He claimed two of the best falls of the day, the last one being a tremendous cross buttock, felling Matty in the 13st final. 

With experience and power to the end, Connie Hodgson beat Shannon Dalgleish in the Ladies open class. 

Thomas Gibson was in good form but had to work hard to fell Graham Brocklebank with a swinging hipe in the 16st final. Graham got his revenge in the All weights final, felling an exhausted Thomas Gibson who’d just emerged from a three fall thriller with local powerhouse Jimmy Hall. 

Thank you to Penrith Show for hosting a great day’s wrestling. 

N.B. Prizes to Third Place


Event First Second Third Fourth
U10yrs Ollie Stainton Mikey Dalgleigsh Ellena Peacock
U12yrs/7st Abbie Whiteford Jack Holmes Jamie Kemp
U12yrs Bobby Stewart Abbie Whiteford Jack Holmes
U15yrs Harvey Murray Jack Gibson Daniel Coates
U18yrs Alfie Spedding Matty Hodgson Lewis Elliott
U21yrs Matty Hodgson Mark Wharton Alfie Spedding
Ladies 10st World Championship Connie Hodgson Shannon Dalgelish Grace Hodgson
11.5st John Harrington Thomas Moffat Miles Stainton
13st John Harrington Matty Hodgson
16st Thomas Gibson Graham Brocklebank William Ayliffe
Ladies A/W Connie Hodgson Shannon Dalgleish Kelsey Cordukes
Mens A/W Graham Brocklebank Thomas Gibson Jimmy Hall