The CWWA is a founding member of the International Federation of Celtic Wrestling (IFCW), established in 1985 with membership now including Brittany, Scotland, Iceland, Leon (Spain), Sardinia and Salzburg (Austria).

Competitions are hosted by different IFCW members to promote the various wrestling styles, with the 2018 Espoirs European Championship (for 16-20 year olds) held in Penrith. In 2019 a CWWA team competed successfully in Iceland to become European Men’s Champions, wrestling in Backhold, Gouren (Breton) and also Glima (Icelandic).

A CWWA team regularly competes in the European Backhold Championships held each February in Brittany. Each summer the CWWA welcomes wrestlers from Scotland, Brittany, Iceland and elsewhere, who visit on a more informal basis to compete at the local agricultural shows and sports meetings.