Cumbria Northern District YFC Field Day

Saturday, 28th May 2022

Wrestlers have a field day!

By Robert Wharton


After a two year break the young farmers clubs held their annual field this last weekend, at Moss Thorns Farm by kind permission of the Fisher family.  

Wrestling is part of the inter club competitions where prize money isn’t on offer for the participants but valuable points for their club.   We see regular skilled, wrestlers compete against their novice counterparts but many of these new wrestlers have plenty of speed, skill and brute strength going for them.  Anything can happen!

In order to qualify to represent their clubs each wrestler must have been down to their local academy for coaching and instructions on how to “tek hod” and carry out the many chips that can be played.  

Whilst it was evident to see that many had taken in the wise words and help of the coaches it was the seasoned wrestlers that took the first places.   

The Ladies 10 stone class seen a good entry with Shannon Dalgleish taking full points for Walton YFC with a measured display, demonstrated her full repertoire of chips in the process.  Phillipa Hall was gutsy in coming through the bottom half of the draw but was no match for Shannon in the final.  Shannon deservedly won the Tom Harrington trophy for best female.  

The Ladies over 10 stones seen an absorbing final with Kate Armstrong just coming out on top of a tense final with Ebony Telford.  Kate’s right-side buttock and twist proving to be the decisive move.  Whilst Kate maybe cannot be described as a seasoned wrestler, she has had plenty of experience and will have been getting plenty of help and practice from the Under 18 years boys champion, Ryan Armstrong.  

In the 10 stone boys Connor Wharton, who after a week of fasting, came on top using his know-how and size to advantage.  He came through his side of the draw despatching the useful Jack Gibson and Charlie Armstrong.  He met Jack Whiteford in the final where Connor’s back heels and twist over the knee won the day.   Jack had wrestled that well in getting to the final, beating the larger Jacob Steadman, that he was awarded the best boy’s performance.  

Onto the 13.5 stone category and it was the older Philip Potts who showed that he still had it when he was able to fell young Jonathan Wharton in the final with neat outside hipes.  

The larger lads now entered the fray and in front of a packed crowd each shouting for their respective club we were treated to an enthralling All Weights.  Lewis Elliot and Vinnie Davidson gave it their all and progressed to the latter stages, but the winner was always going to come from the winner of the semi-final between Thomas Gibson and Jamie Lightfoot.  They have sparred during the winter when the YFC have been down to the academy and opinions were divided on who would come out on top.  Jamie took first blood throwing his man forward when Thomas went for a full buttock.  This caused Paul Gibson to offer some advice from the side-lines “you are never going to buttock him, be like buttocking a tree”.    Thomas took heed of the advice and for the next two falls stayed in front of Jamie and eventually getting enough hold to pull off two neat back heels and take the valuable points for Raughton Head YFC.   

Let’s hope the day encouraged some of the new wrestlers to turn up at the next events on the circuit.


Event First Second Third Fourth
Ladies U10st Shannon Dalgleish, Walton YFC Phillipa Hall, Wigton YFC Millie McVittie, Kirklinton YFC Erin Lewis, Longtown YFC
Ladies Over 10st Kate Armstrong, Greysouthern YFC Ebony Telford, Walton YFC Polly Bowman, Raughton Head YFC Hazel Kettles, Penrith YFC
Mens U10st Connor Wharton, Raughton Head YFC Jack Whiteford, Walton YFC Jacob Steadman, Caldbeck YFC Charlie Armstrong, Longtown YFC
Mens Under 13.5st Phil Potts, Raughton Head YFC Jonathan Wharton, Longtown YFC Rpbbie Prudham, Brampton YFC Thomas Moffat, Penrith YFC
Mens Over 13.5st Thomas Gibson, Raughton Head YFC Lewis Elliot, Skelton YFC Jamie Lightfoot, Caldbeck YFC Vinnie Davidson, Kirklinton YFC
T Harrington Trophy Shannon Dalgleish
Wharton Trophy Jack Whiteford
Potts Trophy Raughton Head YFC