Hethersgill Vintage Rally

Sunday, 5th May 2024

Full report to follow

N.B. Prizes awarded to third place


Event First Second Third Fourth
Under 10yrs Mixed Joseph Ackerley Jack Pringle Jack Pedley
Under 12yrs Mixed Bobby Stewart Jack Hodgson Ellena Peacock
Under 15yrs Bobby Stewart Jack Whiteford Joshua Thompson
Under 15yrs / 8.5st Tom Armstrong Ollie Stainton William Thompson
Under 15 years Girls Abbie Whiteford Lucy Coulston Liv Pigg
Umder 17yrs Girls Abbie Whiteford Lucy Coulston Jessica Whiteford
Under 18yrs Thomas Moffat Jack Whiteford George Peacock
Ladies All Weights Rosie Hodgson Emily Messenger Lucy Coulston
11.5st Andrew Carlile Jack Whiteford Robbie Pigg
14.5st David Atkinson Andrew Carlile Robbie Pigg
All Weights David Atkinson Andrew Carlile Alfie Spedding
Best Fall Abbie Whiteford
Overall Best Performance Bobby Stewart
Reserve Overall Best Performance Liv Pigg