Killington Sports

Thursday, 2nd June 2022

The Jubilee weekend started at Killington Sports on Thursday evening with a great night of wrestling, traditional sports and lighting of the Jubilee beacon.

On Friday we headed to a sunny Northumberland County Show where the highlight of the afternoon was the U18yrs & 10st Championship. Sixteen year old Connor Wharton from Thursby had been shedding the pounds in order to compete at Young Farmers Field Day a week earlier so the championship fitted in nicely to his diet plan. 

Connor has been a regular wrestler since he was six years old, training at Carlisle Wrestling Club and following in the footsteps of the Wharton family. He is also a keen cricketer. 

With a low entry of seven wrestlers in the championship, Connor’s biggest battle was most probably the weighing scales. Eliminating newcomer Toby Vine in the first round he went on to meet Carlisle Club wrestlers, Charlie Armstrong and Jack Gibson in the semi final and final. Connor took the first fall of the final with an inside click. Claiming the second fall, he became the new U18yrs & 10st Champion.

The Championship cup will revisit the home of the Whartons as in 2017 the title was held by his brother, Mark. Going back even further, it was won by Robert, his Dad in 1989.

Late Sunday afternoon saw some entertaining wrestling at Low Hesket Jubilee Day. Carlisle Club wrestlers gave a great performance, showcasing trips and counters learnt over the winter.


Event First Second Third Fourth
6-8yrs Sophie Armstrong Seb Chambers William Elwood
9-11yrs Bobby Stewart Tom Armstrong Lottie Guy
Girls 12-14yrs Elizabeth Wilson Ellie-Ann Stainton Julia Fielding
Boys 12-14yrs Nathan Guy Bobby Stewart John Lukas Stainton
Girls 15-17yrs Rosie Hodgson Elizabeth Wilson Abbie Date
Boys 15-17yrs Matty Hodgson Thomas Wilson Myles Stainton
Men 18-20yrs Ryan Armstrong Thomas Wilson Matty Hodgson
Men 13st Ben Brocklebank Matty Hodgson Andrew Carlile
Men All Weights Thomas Brocklebank George Wilson Graham Brocklebank
Ladies All Weights Connie Hodgson Hannah Hodgson Rosie Hodgson