Roman Wall Show

Saturday, 10th June 2023

Full report to follow


Prizes to 3rd place, with the exception of the Championship which was to 4th place


Event First Second Third Fourth
U10yrs Zac Robertson John Leiper Isaac Stainton
U12yrs WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP Bobby Stewart John-Lukas Stainton William Thompson Ollie Stainton
U15yrs George Peacock George Younger Bobby Stewart
U18yrs Thomas Moffat George Peacock Layton Murray
Ladies Open Shannon Dalgleish Katie McDaid Annabelle Murray
11.5st Alfie Story John Harrington Layton Murray
13.5st Jack Brown John Harrington Layton Murray
All Weights Thomas Gibson Jack Brown John Harrington
Glendale Junior Challenge Cup - George Peacock
Glendale Senior Challenge Cup - Thomas Gibson
11.5st Trophy - Alfie Story
13.5st Trophy - Jack Brown
Gamest Wrestler - John-Lukas Stainton